Moroccan Spirit by Moroccan Spirit & The Brave

Moroccan Spirit by Moroccan Spirit & The Brave

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Music CD

Songs used for breathing and meditation exercises during Dr. Joe's meditations.

Genre: New Age International, Ethnic Fusion, North African Traditions
Moods: Calm/Peaceful, Hypnotic, Passionate, Nocturnal

Moroccan Spirit is a down tempo New Age / Ethnic fusion musical project/album by German musician Claus "The Brave" Zundel, Ibiza-based producer of Sacred Spirit, B-Tribe and other projects. Claus Zundel combines traditional Moroccan music with moderate club beats and synthesizer enhancement. Zundel, as always credited as The Brave, recorded authentic Moroccan singers and instruments for this album to which he then added his trademark ambiance and mood.

 1. Music For 1001 Nights
 2. Jilala I - Nocturnal Ritual
 3. Jim I Nim
 4. Moroccan Soul
 5. Moussem of Regragas
 6. Midunya
 7. Narcisse Noir
 8. Derviche
 9. Jilala II - Nocturnal Ritual
10. La Mamounia
11. Moussem Mediouna
12. Music For 1001 Nights - Outro 

Time: 58 Minutes