Ignite the Heart by Barry Goldstein

Ignite the Heart by Barry Goldstein

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Music CD

Songs used for breathing exercises during Dr. Joe's meditations.

  • Powerful Drums  
  • Orchestral Activation
  • Transformational Chanting
  • Grounding & Ethereal Tones

Album Winner of the 2016 Visionary Music Awards for World Fusion Music.

This CD is comprised of breathing music made for Dr. Joe's workshops and meditation CDs and includes 7 powerful and inspirational songs:

1. Welcoming Earth and Sky (6:04)
2. Ignite the Heart (7:38)
3. Hallelujah Amen (9:00)   (used for coherence healing)
4. Abundance Rising (8:26)
5. Augusto (6:58)
6. Ascend (9:41)
7. Drum Dance (5:56)