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Expand your mind and enjoy the best of Dr. Joe's teachings and lectures via CD and Download!

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Get your copy of Dr. Joe's bestsellers and newest releases , such as "Breaking the Habit", "You are the Placebo", "Becoming Supernatural" and more! Available in book and audio book formats.

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We have a wide collection of t-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, hoodies, hats and more! Spread Dr. Joe's witty and unique insights wherever you go!

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All of Dr. Joe's books, lectures, teachings and meditations translated and categorized in a variety of languages!

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You'll find everything from unique stationary and jewelry to wellness products. Enhance your day to day with these items personally selected by Dr. Joe!

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These Dr. Joe guided meditations are both companion pieces to his various books and stand-alone pieces meant to help you transform your body, environment, and life!

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Music is an important element in any part of the human experience. These are some of Dr. Joe's personal selections and recommendations along with those he includes in his programs and workshops.

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The power of Dr. Joe in your own living room! Enjoy several of his best lectures and teachings from his books, programs and workshops.

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